Cash Valve type D-53

Cooling water control valve for water-cooled air
compressors, air compressor dump valve, explosive
atmosphere valve, substitute for expensive electric
solenoids. Available normally open or normally closed.

1/2", 3/4", 1", 11/4", 11/2", 2" - threaded connections
(top connection 1/8" for 1/2" and 3/4" body sizes; all
other sizes have 1/4" top connection).

All bronze, with renewable stainless steel valve seat of
full port diameter, renewable composition seat disc,
neoprene-nylon diaphragm. Rust-proof steel bolting.
Full port diameter means full capacity and low
pressure drop through the valve. For maximum
hook-up flexibility, diaphragm pressure connection
may be indexed to any of four positions: over inlet, over
outlet, or either side. Maximum body pressure 250 psi;
diaphragm pressure 300 psi. Maximum temperature
180°F (82°C).

Click here for PDF (CAVMC-0520-US).
Control Valve
D-53 Two Position Control Valve
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