Cash Valve Product Overview

Product Overview    (CAVMC-0507-US.pdf)

Pressure Regulating Valves

A Series        (CAVMC-0508-US.pdf)
B Series        (CAVMC-0509-US.pdf)
E-55 Series   (CAVMC-0510-US.pdf)
G-4 Type      (CAVMC-0512-US.pdf)
G-60 Type    (CAVMC-0511-US.pdf)
LS Series      (CAVMC-0513-US.pdf)

Cryogenic Valves and Controls

C-776 Type                   (CAVMC-0515-US.pdf)
Cryogenic Controls        (CAVMC-0514-US.pdf)

Back Pressure Valves

CP Type       (CAVMC-0522-US.pdf)
FR Series      (CAVMC-0516-US.pdf)
K Series        (CAVMC-0517-US.pdf)
KP Type       (CAVMC-0518-US.pdf)

Temperature Regulating Valves

TA Series       (CAVMC-0519-US.pdf)

Vacuum Valves

A Series        (CAVMC-0508-US.pdf)
FR Series       (CAVMC-0516-US.pdf)

Vacuum Regulators and Vacuum Breakers     (CAVMC-0523-US.pdf)

Control Valves

Miscellaneous Control Valves       (CAVMC-0520-US.pdf)

Installation & Operating Instructions

2300 Series Short-Stem Shut-Off Valve  CAVMC-6602-ALL Model 2300 Shut-Off Valve.PDF
Back Pressure Valves  CAVMC-6603-ALL Back Pressure Valves.PDF
Pressure Regulating Valves  CAVMC-6604-ALL Pressure Regulator Valves.PDF
Type LTC Temperature Control Valves  CAVMC-6605-ALL Low Temperature Cut-Off Valves.PDF

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FLOMATIC high quality valves
KUNKLE safety and relief valves
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