Temperature Regulating Valve

Designed for use in installations where a certain
temperature must be maintained in heating or
cooling fluids.

1/2", 3/4", 1", 11/4", 11/2", 2"

Bronze body with union ends, direct or reverse
acting, stainless steel trim. Also available as a
3-way valve for diverting or mixing applications.
Brass thermal systems standard. Stainless steel,
Teflon® or PVC coated thermal system available
as special option. Temperature ranges from -15°F
(-25°C) to 415°F (252°C). As temperature rises in
the bulb, liquid in the bulb vaporizes and transmits
power through the tubing to a bellows in the
control valve. Heating or cooling fluid passing
through the valve is thus modulated to maintain a
desired temperature in the process being

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Temperature Regulating Valves
TA, Temperature Regulating Valve
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