Small Vacuum Regulating Valve

Suitable for surgical equipment, lab or
manufacturing processes, and other applications
requiring accurate and sensitive vacuum
regulation at low flows.

Size: 1/4" only

Furnished in forged brass, with neoprene seat
and diaphragm. Two adjustable ranges of 2" to
16" and 10" to 30" mercury vacuum. All
connections are 1/4" IPS. Standard valve is plain
brass. Closely controls low capacity vacuum
systems. The vacuum source is connected to the
bottom of the valve, one side connection is for a
gauge, the other side connects to the system in
which vacuum is to be controlled. The sensitive
top screw automatically adjusts the vacuum
source to maintain the desired vacuum in the

Cut Sheet on A-31VR provided for your reference.

Vacuum Breaker Valve

A small sized vacuum breaker for controlling
vacuum in a system by admitting atmosphere
when the vacuum level exceeds the valve setting.

Sizes: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8"

Features full adjustability through a top adjusting
screw. The adjusting screw is turned clockwise for
a higher setting and counterclockwise for a lower
setting. Forged brass body, stainless steel valve
seat and valve disc, stainless steel or rust-proofed
steel pressure spring, and neoprene or bronze
diaphragms. Adjustable spring range 2" to 30"
mercury vacuum.

Cut Sheet provided for your reference.

D-51, D-52
Vacuum Regulating or Breaker Valves

Designed for use where a predetermined vacuum
is to be accurately maintained in a closed system
(D-51 Vacuum Regulator) or by automatically
admitting atmosphere when the vacuum level
exceeds the valve setting (D-52 Vacuum Breaker).

Sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 11/4", 11/2", 2"

Fully adjustable and furnished with bronze bodies,
threaded connections and internal parts,
neoprene-nylon diaphragms, stainless steel body
seats and composition discs. Two ranges - 2" to
30" mercury.

Cut Sheet provided for your reference.
Vacuum Valves
A-31VR , small vacuum regulating valve
FRM-V, Vacuum breaker valve
D-51, D-52, Vacuum regulating or breaker valves
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